Multi-level netlinking strategy

Julien Nishimata

One of the most effective strategies for improving search engine ranking is netlinking, especially multi-level netlinking. A method that is little used by SEOs and yet has surprising results. Discover the concept in detail in this article.

What is the multi-level netlinking strategy?

The tiered netlinking strategy is a hierarchical set-up with several tiers, each with links. The links from the base feed the next rank and so on up to your site. The classification of this configuration is similar to a pyramid structure. This plan allows you to acquire links from sites of low authority, to your media quality links to make them more powerful. Finally, these backlinks become strong and are directed to your site. Your site is at the top of the pyramid because it is the objective of the whole netlinking strategy. Everything is done to ensure that it receives the juice from the links of the lower levels, and consequently, to make it visible and popular thanks to a successful referencing.

Level 1: Quality backlinks

The aim of level 1 is to target your main site, your “money site”. The part of this pyramid contains the backlinks or quality links, coming from sites with a high reputation related to your activity or theme. 

Level 2: The heart of the pyramid 

These level 2 links are of lower quality. However, they will be more abundant and easier to acquire. These backlinks point to your Tier 1 links, which are of better quality, but longer and more difficult to obtain. These backlinks help the indexation of your level 1 links, and send them SEO juice. This further strengthens these backlinks.

Level 3: Base of the pyramid

Level 3 should consist of even more backlinks than level 2, and do not require quality. They should point to the secondary level and thus allow your tier 2 links to be better indexed, intensify the power of your tier 2 links by moving them to a higher degree, thematise your links and thus improve the semantics that will make it easier for Google to understand and many other benefits.

What you need to know is that tier 2 of this hierarchy requires 10 times more hyperlinks than tier 1. Tier 3 requires 10 times more than Tier 2. The multi-level netlinking strategy is very interesting. It allows you to send quality links to your money site, to strengthen these links.

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